Enterprise Architecture 79

What is Enterprise Architecture 79? The below diagram explains Enterprise Architecture 79. This chart shows an important concept or a framework to help one run their business, improve company's strategy, internal processs, enhance project management, technology, and client experience.

Enterprise Architecture Diagram 79

Enterprise Architecture 79 is a term that refers to the latest version of the Government of Canada Enterprise Architecture Framework, which is a set of criteria and best practices for designing and implementing digital initiatives across the federal government. The framework aims to align the business, information, application, technology and security domains of the government’s enterprise ecosystem to support strategic outcomes and deliver better services to Canadians.

The framework is based on the principles and standards of the Policy on Service and Digital, which is a policy that guides the government’s digital transformation and modernization. The policy requires the government to design services with users, iterate and improve frequently, work in the open, use open standards and solutions, address security and privacy risks, build in accessibility, empower staff, be good data stewards, design ethical services and collaborate widely.

The framework also draws on the Service and Digital Target Enterprise Architecture White Paper, which is a document that provides recommendations on how to implement the framework and achieve the desired digital state. The white paper proposes a model for the digital enablement of GC services that reduces silos, promotes reuse, leverages APIs, and focuses on improving service delivery and user experience.

Enterprise Architecture 79 is not a fixed or rigid framework, but rather a flexible and evolving one that adapts to the changing needs and expectations of the government and its stakeholders. It is a discipline that requires proactive and holistic leadership, as well as collaboration and coordination across departments and agencies. It is also a tool that helps the government to respond to disruptive forces, innovate, and transform.

In summary, Enterprise Architecture 79 is a framework that guides the government’s digital strategy and architecture, and enables the delivery of cohesive, sustainable, and user-centric services. It is a key enabler for the Policy on Service and Digital, and a critical factor for the successful development and execution of the government’s vision and goals. (Word count: 261)