Maloneys Diffusion of Innovation

Maloney’s diffusion of innovation shows the innovation lifecycle. There are four main components that help spread innovation and include the innovation itself, communication methods time, and a social system.

Innovation Bell Curve

The diffusion of innovations curve (technology adoption curve or innovation bell curve) show the natural progression of a product through its lifecycle. The curve looks like a typical bell curve and help one understand how innovation travels from early adapters through chasm to late adapters.

Innovation Canvas Satisfaction vs Importance Graph

The below diagram is an innovation canvas that shows client satisfaction vs. importance. Strategy Canvases provide a simple way of showing how competitors acquire customers, and/or how your customers select the product or service in your category.

Diffusion of Innovation

Diffusion of innovation explains the rate at which new ideas and technology spread. The diffusion of innovation theory is used extensively by marketers to understand the rate at which consumers are likely to adopt a new product or service.