Care Planning 83

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Care Planning 83

I assume you are asking about Care Planning 83 in the context of British Columbia’s Residential Care Regulation .

Care Planning 83 refers to the nutrition plan under section 83 of the regulation . The regulation outlines the requirements for residential care facilities in British Columbia, including the physical requirements of the facility, staffing requirements, and general care requirements .

The nutrition plan is a written summary of the dietary needs of each resident in the facility . It includes information on the resident’s food preferences, allergies, and any dietary restrictions . The plan is developed by a registered dietitian and is reviewed and updated regularly .

The Residential Care Regulation also outlines the requirements for licensing, facility requirements, staffing requirements, and operations . For example, the regulation requires that the facility must have a sufficient number of staff to provide adequate care to the residents . The regulation also requires that the facility must have a written policy on the use of restraints .

In addition to the Residential Care Regulation, the Province of British Columbia has an Advance Care Plan program . An Advance Care Plan is a written summary of a capable adult’s wishes or instructions to guide a substitute decision maker if that person is asked by a physician or other health care provider to make a health care treatment decision on behalf of the adult . The plan can also include information on the adult’s values, beliefs, and spiritual practices .