Kpi Dashboard

What is Kpi Dashboard? The below diagram explains Kpi Dashboard. This chart shows an important concept or a framework to help one run their business, improve company's strategy, internal processs, enhance project management, technology, and client experience.

Kpi Dashboard

A KPI dashboard is a tool that provides a visual representation of how a business is performing against its key performance indicators (KPIs) . It is a comprehensive solution that unites data sources and provides at-a-glance visual feedback on the company’s health . KPI dashboards are customizable and provide performance and status indicators . They are built using the same tool or platform that is used to define KPIs, which saves time and effort as updates to KPI definitions, data sources, or targets will automatically populate into the dashboard .

A KPI is a measurable value that shows how effectively a company is meeting its goals . KPIs are like a company’s scorecard, a way of measuring whether or not it is delivering on its objectives . Identifying and tracking KPIs lets a company know if it is on the right path or if it should change course to avoid losing valuable time and money . KPIs are powerful tools that help monitor company financial health, measure progress against strategic goals, spot problems early on, make timely adjustments to tactics, motivate team members, and make better decisions faster .

To identify the KPIs that are important to a business, start by clarifying strategic objectives collectively or by department . These goals will help identify which KPIs matter for the company . Picking KPIs that are relevant will depend entirely on these objectives and the ability to measure performance against them . Next, identify the KPI targets that the company is working toward and how they will be measured . Keep in mind that these could be both short- and long-term targets . Encourage open dialogue about the KPIs and their targets with the team . Lastly, evaluate where the company is today, which will be the KPI starting point .

There are different types of KPIs that are commonly used to measure progress . Quantitative KPIs are all about measurable facts that can be represented with a number . Qualitative KPIs involve human interpretations and cannot be quantified with numbers . Lagging KPIs measure what has already happened in the past to predict success or failure .