BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix – BCG Matrix Analysis – Bcg cheap jerseys Matrix Framework – Bcg Matrix Bicycle Business Methodology – Bcg Matrix model categorizes companies and products cheap mlb jerseys by the type of market they are in. cheap jerseys Matrix has four quadrants divided by the market growth and market share on each of the axis.

Each of the Five quadrants in the for bcg matrix represents a cheap nba jerseys certain market position and is depicted by a symbol a star, which stands for high growth, high market de share; the cow (also known as a cash cow) stands for high market share ‘exploitation and low growth, a Swot dog for low market share and low growth and cheap nba jerseys a questin mark, which represents high growth but low market Aluplast share. BCG Matrix developed by the BCG consulting company is one of the top business frameworks. Below sample images are examples of bcg matrix used in business management.

bcg matrix